Dewatering Runway 18 West

Client: Fraport AG


Water Treatment Plant Eilendorf

Client: Stadtwerke Buxtehude


ARA Zeven

Client: Samtgemeinde Zeven


Sewage Plant Oldenburg - Renewal CHP

Client: Oldenburgisch-Ostfriesischer Wasserverband


Central Sewage Treatment Plant Chemnitz-Heinersdorf Renewal centrifuges - digestion sludge dewatering

Client: Disposal Company of the City of Chemnitz


WWTP Herzebrock-Clarholz – Expansion

Client: Gemeindewerke Herzebrock-Clarholz

Community wastewater treatment plant Oyten/Ottersberg

Client: Abwasserzweckverband Oyten/Ottersberg


Sewage Plant Dresden-Kaditz

Client: Stadtentwässerung Dresden GmbH


Sludge Digestion with thermal treatment of sludge

Client Operator: Zweckverband Wasserversorgung Abwasserbehandlung Rügen

Sludge Disposal of the Stadtentwässerung Frankfurt a.M.

Client/Operator: Stadtentwässerung Frankfurt a.M.

Water Supply Company

Client: Wasserbeschaffungsverband Panker-Giekau


Current Projects

NEW: Film about the extension of the plant: "Sewage plant for three quarters of a million people".
Source: Saxon Newspaper (Sächsische Zeitung)
Due to the development of the catchment area the sewage treatment plant Dresden-Kaditz has reached its capacity limit. In addition, a renewal of the old plant which was altered during ...

Commissioning on the 14th of June 2017:

On the 14th of June 2017 our customer, the Zweckverband Wasserversorgung und Abwasserbehandlung Rügen (ZWAR) on the island of Ruegen, was celebrating its 25th anniversary together with the commissioning of the new sewage sludge recycling plant.

Development of a new business park at the A1 at Oyten - Project Management
Due to a high demand for commercial land the community of Oyten developed an industrial park of about 100 acres.

Current Themes

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