Airport Planning

a) Water Supply
Security of drinking water- and utility water supply from treatment up to the distribution.

Water treatment

  • Assessment and studies
  • Water needs analyses
  • Process concepts
  • Optimization and remediation of treatment plants
  • Planning and realization
  • Measurement, control and automation technology
  • Remote control technology

Water storage

  • System analysis
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Remediation concepts
  • Planning and realization

Water distribution and -transport

  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Pipe network analyses and –calculations
  • Planning and realization
  • Reuse of surface water
  • Fire-fighting water supply

b) Waste water sanitation
Individual planning and consulting for airport specific waste water and surface water treatment plants.

Waste water treatment

  • Inventory
  • Basics analyses according to ATV-A 198
  • Concept development
  • Cost efficiency comparison
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Construction, expansion, renovation, optimization
  • Process-, construction-, mechanical- and electric technology
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Energy concepts

Surface water treatment

  • Rain water retention tanks
  • Rain water overflow tanks
  • Storage basins
  • Retention soil filters
  • Floatation separator units

Waste water discharge

From the first concepts to planning and implementation monitoring. Our range of services for drainage systems:

  • Licensing procedures
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Concept development
  • Digital inventory and documentation
  • Drainage master plans
  • GIS
  • System analysis and evaluation
  • SMUSI calculations
  • Sewer conversion planning
  • Sewer construction
  • Sewer decommissioning
  • Pressure pipe systems
  • Underground piping construction
  • Pumping stations
  • Vacuum dewatering
  • Planning for specific applications including mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Optimization of plant economics
  • Development of operating and maintenance instructions

c) Electrical engineering

  • Energy grids
  • Network and grid calculations
  • Emergency backup power systems
  • Central power stations
  • Electrical ‘island‘ power supply
  • UPS station
  • Network control system
  • Measurement, control and automation technology
  • PLC systems
  • Leittechnik
  • Automation technology
  • Network management
  • Renewable energy production

d) Energy technology

  • Central power stations
  • Heating- and cooling networks
  • Cogeneration installations
  • Combined heat and power units
  • Boiler installations
  • Cooling technology

e) Construction site logistics
Our experiences of large projects for

  • Construction site equipment planning
  • Construction site infrastructure
  • Construction site management
Urban- and Land-use planning
  • Land development plans
  • Building development plans
  • Project-related development plans
  • Statutes for urban planning
  • Planning of wind turbine parks
  • Local development concepts
  • Urban framework plans
  • Monument- and heritage preservation
Rural- and environmental planning
  • Impact mitigation regulations
  • Environmental compatibility studies
  • Impact assessments
  • Landscape image analysis
  • Application procedure
  • Village renewal development
  • Green- and open space planning
  • Construction- and environmental monitoring
Traffic facilities
  • Roads and squares
  • Classified road construction
  • Pipe line construction
  • Airport construction
  • Sewage- and rain water drainage


Airport planning projects

The Fraport AG let expand the Airport Frankfurt am Main according to the projected demands for 2020. The main focus is the construction of the new north-west runway.

The Fraport AG let expand the Airport Frankfurt am Main according to the projected demands for 2020. The required measures include the establishment of three deicing pads.

Rural- and environmental planning projects

For the expansion of the industrial area Aurich NORD, the planning department of the municipality of Aurich established the building development plan No. 284 and the 23rd amendment of the land use development plan.

Infrastructure provision projects

In the waste management center of Breinermoor the delivered materials in household garbage bags are comiled into large transport units for transport and supplied for further recycling.