Planned individually – turn-key delivered

Producing companies are under considerable competitive pressure due to globalization, which leads inevitably to a more conscious application of energy and media needed for their production process. Furthermore, the efficient application of operating supplies has become a competition criterion with regard to the environmental compatibility and sustainability of the goods produced. Having gained experience in many industrial projects in the supply and disposal industry, we are able to offer our clients comprehensive engineering solutions for media and energy applications.

Compressed air supply

Compressed air is considered to be one of the most expensive media in an industrial plant. Therefore, specifying the individual requirements for operation of the installation and maintenance are crucial elements for planning a resource-efficient compressed air supply.

Essential air qualities, pressure stages and compressed air production technologies are key issues that must be clarified in advance.

Combined Heat and Power station (CHP)

For our clients in the industrial sector, the combined generation of electricity and useful heating in a CHP plant becomes a concept of growing importance. The legal framework requirements for CHP plants station have been improved during the past years including environmental and economic aspects. Systems with proven technologies (CHP units, combined cycle gas- and steam turbine, Organic Rankine Cycle plants etc.) require careful planning as well as evaluation and definition of the project definition.

Cooling applications

Besides the temperature level the energy generating technology is determining the energy efficiency of cooling installations. Whether low temperature for freezing or for air conditioning application a "status check" determines the actual need and helps identifying optimization potentials.

Energetic optimization

In addition to the thermo dynamic optimization of individual processes synergies can arise between different processes.

The challenge is, to align these processes (e.g. waste heat recovery) in a thermodynamical and chronological way.

This requires experience and know-how.

Media supply/test facilities

Test facilities are characterized by their maximum flexibility.

When it comes to the media supply for test facilities (e.g. engine test rigs), highest requirements apply to

  • Flexibility and
  • Adaptability to changing load conditions

These specific requirements for test facilities demand high expertise to provide the media qualitatively and quantitatively and at the right time.