Construction of the Water Treatment Plant Karow on Ruegen


Consulting and engineering service for:

  • Water extraction
  • Water treatment
  • Water storage
  • Water distribution and transport
  • Process water supply and industrial water treatment
Process Water

Specific quality requests require effective and cost-effective treatment methods considering holistic solutions:

Process water provision:

  • Concepts for water use
  • Material flow balances
  • Implementation of intern water cycles
  • Planning and construction of water treatment plants for specific applications (boiler feed water, cooling water, ultrapure water)
  • Optimization and remediation of existing installations

Industrial water treatment

  • Studies
  • Domestic water use concepts
  • Planning and construction of water treatment plants 
  • Recycling of materials
  • Optimization and remediation of existing plants
  • Economic analyses
Drinking Water

Ensuring the supply of drinking water from extraction via treatment to distribution.
Water extraction

  • Groundwater exploration
  • Hydrogeological assessment
  • Groundwater models and groundwater hydraulicsund Grundwasserhydraulik
  • Construction and remediation of wells
  • Development of water licenses for expiring water permits
  • Expert reports for ground water protection areas

Water Treatment

  • Water analyses
  • Expert reports and studies
  • Water demand studies
  • Processing concepts
  • Optimizing and remediation of existing water treatment installations
  • Planning and engineering of water plants
  • Remote control technology
  • Concepts for minimization and disposal of water plant residues

Water Storage

  • System analyses and hydraulic calculations
  • Reservoir inspection
  • Remediation concepts
  • Planning, engineering and repairing of drinking water reservoirs

Water distribution and transport

  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Water-pipe network analyses
  • Planning and remediation of water-pipe networks

From basic evaluation and engineering planning to construction management and documentation for process, mechanical and electrical engineering.