Globally, the efforts to minimize environmental impacts and to cure damages are increasing. In this sense, our dedicated and experienced staff is continuing in many parts of the world, what has already been proven for many years in Germany: qualified engineer planning with adaptation to the local environmental situation and living conditions without any contradiction between economy and environmental planning.

Waste disposal

Almost every human activity in all cultures causes different types of waste which by proper treatment and recycling helps to avoid impacts on our environment. Without doubt, the European Union and Germany in particular, are regions with highest environmental standards in the world. For more than three decades, we are planning the supply and disposal systems (thermal waste treatment, mechanic-biological waste treatment, landfill engineering) that meet these environmental standards. Our know-how and expertise is an excellent platform for intelligent implementation with tailor-made and environmentally friendly techniques in countries outside the European Union.

Waste water- and sludge treatment

For some decades many international organizations aim to protect seas, lakes and rivers from increasing pollution. In the meantime the protection of aquatic resources has become an important political objective in many countries of the world. We plan and realize highly efficient waste water- and sludge treatment plants and thus contribute to achieve these objectives.

Water supply

Clean, potable water is one the most valuable natural resources on our planet. Even today, in many regions of the world competition for these resources has started. The conflicts will increase in the future, if no defusing measures are taken in time. We help to implement useful techniques to maintain a high level of quality of life in these regions in the future, even under difficult conditions.


With increasing energy prices, which dominate daily press, it becomes clear that smart and sustainable solutions are needed in order to avoid future power shortages and to provide cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels. Worldwide we plan and implement systems for centralized and decentralized based production of energy from waste, biomass and renewable resources.


Since many years, the engineering group Dr. Born – Dr. Ermel supports various international organizations in holding workshops, organizing conferences and similar events to exchange knowledge and practical experience and methods to promote efficient technical solution for environmental problems.


Waste disposal

At the moment Dubai is going through a phase of tremendous economic growth related to a rapid growth of the population. A consequence of this is a sharp increase of the amount of waste.

As part oft he integrated management system, individual prevention, recycling, treatment and disposal solutions were planned for waste water,
Waste water and sludge treatment