Civil and construction engineering

The main activities of our civil and construction engineering department are

  • Architecture
  • Tender procedures and PPP projects
  • Energy efficient building remediation
  • Technical building remediation
  • Fire protection and safety

and for structural engineering in the respective areas of

  • Structural and civil engineering
  • Underground engineering
  • Concrete renovation

By applying our know-how likewise to the construction of new buildings and remediation of old buildings we improve the future operational costs by optimizing the facility-management.

Civil engineering

a) Structural and civil engineering
b) Underground engineering

Building construction

a) Architecture
Comprehensive planning and implementation of architecturally well designed and cost-efficient construction projects for:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Commercial facilities
  • Office facilities
  • Schools
  • Crematoria

Projects architecture

b) Tender procedures/PPP projects

For the realization of PPP models cost efficiency and on-schedule are achieved by functional tendering for planning/construction/financing and, if necessary, operation. Our successful managed projects demonstrate this.

c) Energy efficiency of buildings
In addition to ensuring the energetic quality and reduction of CO² emissions for new buildings, we also focus on the energetic evaluation and optimization of existing real estate. The resulting measures of improvement relate to the physical construction qualities of the building envelope, the ventilation systems and heating systems.

We consult our clients concerning:

  • Inventory analysis,
  • Demand analysis/recommendation for action,
  • Problem analysis,
  • Scenarios of energy concepts,
  • Feasibility,
  • Cost-efficiency,
  • Cost benefit analysis,
  • Recommendations for modernization,
  • Opportunities for tenders (functional and conventional),
  • Integration of advanced technologies

By the identification and comparison of

  • Current energy demand and costs
  • Future energy demand and costs
  • Investment cost sincl. financial support and subsidies

the cost analysis are carried out by applying different scenarios for saving energy and through all planning stages of the project (HOAI)

d) Technical building remediation
Extensive planning and implementation of construction projects in the field of technical building equipment 

  • Industrial buildings
  • Business and commercial buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Schools
  • Crematoria

The use of renewable energies is, according to the current energy price situation, not always feasible and economical, but in the long-term it should be considered as a benefit according to the expected increase of energy prices. Moreover, the CO² issues of the energy sources have to be included in the analysis.  In this sense, our task  is to develop energy concepts and to apply them by taking advantageous measures. 

e) Fire protection and safety
During the construction and operation phase of plants and buildings fire- and explosion protection is a vital element of a safety concept. We provide the knowledge and professional expertise.

  • Fire safety concept
  • Structural fire protection concepts


Civil engineering

The common waste water treatment plant of Oyten/Ottersberg is, besides the municipal charge, also developed for the indirect food purification process.

Underground engineering

The former hazardous waste landfill Münchehagen had to be secured by the construction of a sealing wall and a surface seal.

The aim of the project was the reorganization and discharge of a heavily loaded traffic node. Because of the roundabout the amount of

The North German Association for Deposition of Minerals mbH – NORGAM – operates a landfill for mineral waste material in the district of Helmstedt on the north site of the former lignite mining of Alversdorf.