Site decontamination and deconstruction

We offer individual consulting and planning for cost-effective optimized solutions, from feasibility studies up to operating support in following areas:

  • Remediation of contaminated sites / deconstruction
  • Landfill engineering
Remediation of contaminated sites/deconstruction
Projects in the field of remediation and the deconstuction of old sites require close cooperation of different disciplines. The aim of rehabilitation measures is an economic solution tailored to the respective project, which takes into account the various technical constraints and the site situation, and at the same time takes into account in particular all environmental and labor protection provisions as well as the requirements of the responsible supervisory authorities.

For many years we have been working on old sites and old deposits, but also active industrial and commercial locations of various sizes and tasks with the following tasks:
  • Historical research and initial evaluation
  • Risk assessment for soil, water and air
  • Initial/final status report according to the IED directive
  • Rehabilitation planning according to BBodSchG
  • Preparation/participation in the awarding of rehabilitation and dismantling measures
  • Rehabilitation monitoring and expert reviewer
  • Occupational safety and pollution control
  • Planning of ordnance investigation/clearance
  • Soil/Waste Management
Landfill engineering

Both in new construction as well as in decommissioning and aftercare of landfills, we have many years of project experience in the planning and implementation of measures for the sealing of landfills and for the collection and treatment of the resulting emissions.

The development of ecologically appropriate and economically sound solutions is the focus of our projects in the following areas:

  • Surface sealing
  • Bottom sealing
  • Sealing walls
  • Surface water collection/dissipation
  • Leakage water collection/treatment
  • Landscape care plan
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Local construction supervision
  • Health and safety measures/safety coordination
  • Aftercare/data Management
  • Reporting