Environmentally sustainable, future oriented engineering services from feasibility studies towards operational support and management are being offered in following areas:

  • Thermal waste treatment
  • Mechanical/biological waste treatment
Thermal waste treatment

The consequent ban on landfilling waste will create an increased demand for thermal waste treatment capacity in future years. Modern thermal waste treatment plants are environmentally sustainable and provide besides a safe waste disposal a significant part of energy recovery potential.

Mechanical/biological waste treatment

With the mechanical treatment of waste, defined production streams and –qualities are achievable to deliver cost-effective products. This also refers to the production of high-energy secondary fuels that are efficiently used in co-incineration plants (coal power plants / cement industry) or specific industrial power plants. The biological treatment of organic waste enables disposal in approved landfills. By biologic treatment green waste will be directly converted into valuable compost.


Thermal waste treatment

Due to the high age of the waste-to-energy plant (WTE) of Nordweststadt, a renovation of the entire plant will be inevitable.

As part of the renewal of the industrial power plant, an existing coal-fired boiler was replaced by a boiler suitable for incineration of refuse-derived fuels (calorific fraction of municipal waste).

The Engineering Office Dr. Born – Dr. Ermel GmbH has been appointed to provide services for support of the client (Berliner Stadtreinigung) in

Mechanical/biological waste treatment

At the moment Dubai is going through a phase of tremendous economic growth related to a rapid growth of the population. A consequence of this is a sharp increase of the amount of waste.

The state capital of Wiesbaden has planned the construction and implementation of a waste recycling- and residual waste treatment centers.

At the central landfill in Deiderode, the Abfallzweckverband Südniedersachsen (Waste Disposal Association of South Lower Saxony) built a mechanical-biological residual waste treatment plant.