The production of renewable energy with highly efficient conversion rates of primary energy in industrial plants is considered to be the engineering challenge of the 21st century. 

We are working for our clients in the areas of: 

  • Power plant technology
  • New methods and technologies
Power plant technology

Rising energy prices, due to shortage of resources or political issues in producing countries, as well as an increasing environmental awareness of the society require the use of more efficient energy production processes.

Our contribution to the improvement of energy production is represented by the following services.

New technologies

Scientists of the Max-Planck-Institute expect the global temperature to rise by
4 °C by the end of this century. A climate change with rising sea levels and severe storms will be the result. To mitigate this perspective a future scenario for the energy production requires new methods and technologies. Besides wind- and hydropower, solar energy, biofuels, the development of fuel cells will be a fundamental element to obtain full independency from fossil fuels.

We offer our services in the following areas:

  • Energy studies
  • Energy production
  • Heat distribution
  • Hydropower
  • Solar energy solutions
  • Fuel cells


Power plant technology

The actual basic price at electricity market as well as the additional allowance acc. to the CHP legal regulation forced considerations on side of the Mainova AG about optimized use of the existing energy potential.

The two CHP-units utilize the biogas from the biogas plant of Hillersee PW III of the Brunswick Wastewater Board, which is 20 km away. Approx. 1,000 m³ of biogas per hour are transported via the 20-km-long biogas network of the BS Energy to the location in Oelper.

For operation and monitoring/control of energy supply (electricity, steam, heat, cold, pressurized air and CO2) the existing system have been replaced by process control system Win CC.

New methods and technologies

Increasing costs for energy (electricity) had been the reason to evaluate the energy situation regarding consumption as well as generation of energy.

Biogas utilization projects

The biogas plant „Pumpwerk III“ at Brunswick feeds approx. 1,000 m³ biogas per hour to the 20 km biogas grid of the Braunschweiger Versorgungs-AG,