Integrated management system for waste and waste water treatment in the city of Kuching (Sarawak, Malaysia)


Prognosis (2020):

  • Inhabitants: 700.000
  • Municipal waste: 300.000 Mg
  • Hazardous waste: 10.000 Mg
  • Waste water: 1.150.000 PE
  • Faecal sludge (1997): 175.000 m³
  • Waste oil (2005): 8.600 m³

Scope of Work:

  • Basic evaluation
  • Elaboration of conception
  • Pre-planning
  • Implementation planning of a septic sludge treatment plant and toxic waste interim store
  • Supervision for a septic sludge treatment plant and toxic waste interim store
  • Commissioning and support of operation for the septic sludge treatment plant for one year
  • Training and education of operating staff


There were several avoiding-, turning to account-, treatment- and storage-solutions for sewage, settlement-wastes, hazardous-wastes, waste oil and septic sludge with emphasis on the integration-capability of the solutions for the continuing, common substance-power treatment planed. The essential solutions exist in the following elements:

  • central septic sludge treatment plant
  • sanitary landfill
  • landfill section for hazardous waste
  • intermediate bearing for toxic industrial wastes
  • successive construction of a central excess sewer system
  • central wastewater treatment


Government of Sarawak - Chief Minister´s Department
State Planning Unit
14th Floor, Wisma Bapa Malaysia
93502 Petra Jaya, Kuching - Sarawak, Malaysia

Contact Person:

Phone: +60 - 82 - 49 22 88
Fax: +60 - 82 - 44 05 06