Sludge Treatment Facility - Hong Kong


  • Incineration capacity: 4 x 6.25 tTS/h
    • Fluidized bed furnaces
  • Flue gas volume: 4 x 70,000 m³/h
    • dry flue gas cleaning
  • Energy use
    • Steam turbine
    • Self sufficient heating supply

Scope of Work:

  • Professional technical consultation of the ultimate client (HK Government)
  • Evaluation of construction documents for the process technical plant elements and the approval of the main components


A former landfill will be the location of the new Sludge Treatment Facility (STF) for the region of Hong Kong.
All together eleven sewage treatment plants serve their dewatered sludge to the plant by truck.
Here the sludge will be mixed and burned in fluidized bed furnaces. The released energy will is transferred through boilers into steam and then converted into electricity by a turbine. A dry method is provided for the flue gas cleaning.