Climate protection plan concept for the waste water treatment plant of Dessau-Rosslau


  • Expansion size: 185,000 PE
  • Connection size PE60: ca. 128,000 PE
  • Mechanics: Rakes, sand trap, pre-treatment
  • Biology: single-stage revitalization, four lanes
  • Sludge treatment: Digestion with pre- and afterthickening, drainage, gas utilization with CHP

Scope of Work:

  • Evaluation of the current state
  • Evaluation of energy, heat and CO2-balance
  • Potential analysis / Value comparisons
  • Operating data analysis according to A 198
  • Process recalculation of the treatment plant
  • Concept for a public relations
  • Development of measurements catalog for energetic and process optimization
  • Implementation of a flow simulation aeration tank


The waste water treatment plant of Dessau-Rosslau offers a good starting point for energy savings. After the positive decision within the funding program “Climate-friendly waste water treatment” of the Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Savety (Climate Initiative), the development of a climate protection plan was commissioned. With the development of the plant concept saving options regarding the optimization and increase of efficiency of the plant technology, plant operation and plant management, research of the use of electrical and thermal energy, as well as possible reduction of emissions have been considered.
Opportunities for economic, energy-efficient, sustainable and resource-efficient implementation of the findings are presented by the divions of short-, medium- and long-term measures within the climate protection plan concept.