Relocation of the B 210 federal highway south of Emden
Landscape anagement plan


  • Compensation areas: rd. 28 ha
  • Length of the construction route: 1.865 m
  • Roadway (Construction Class II) with a bituminous construction
  • Standard cross-section (section width 10.5 m) of a causeway of 9 m height above ground level

Scope of Work:

  • Basis evaluation, pre-design planning, design-planning, permission planning, detailed planning, preparation of the procurement
  • Draft documents according to guidelines (LMP and EIA) of Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development
  • surveying
  • Landscape management plan


To reduce the load of the inner city road network and the residential areas of the southern urban districts, a direct connection of the industrial port to the A 31 highway was planned, especially for heavy traffic. Therefore, the existing B210 between the highway and the state road L2 will be connected by the construction of an interregional road of the A II category. The planning challenge was the integration of meadow bird breeding colonies with a high value for strictly protected species. Furthermore, extensive planning of early compensation measures were carried out I coordination with relevant, involved authorities and land owners. The crossing of the federal railway line Emden-Leer as well as the first-order waterflows “Ems-Seitenkanal” and “Fehntjer Tief” can be realized by three-field bridges. Gas pipelines (DN 1000 and DN 300), a gas station, a substation and the redevelopment of a waste disposal site were taken into account.


Niedersächsische Landesbehörde für Straßenbau und Verkehr (NLStBV)-Geschäftsbereich Aurich
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