Sewage treatment plant of the Erdinger Moos Wastewater Board – CHP plant


  • 2 CHP-module gas engines with lean combustion
    • electrical output: 1 x 400 kW, 1 x 600 kW
    • thermal output: 1 x 398 kW, 1 x 608 kW
  • 1 failure-backup-unit (stock-module)
    • electrical output: 445 kW
    • thermal output: 670 kW

Skope of Work:

  • Economic analysis
  • Basic evaluation
  • Pre-planning
  • Design planning
  • Detailed planning
  • Tender procedure and awarding of contract
  • Construction supervision
  • Site maintenance and documentation


The existing CHP plant at the sewage treatment plant of the Erdinger Moos Wastewater Board consists of a
3-module system, which has reached after approximately 16 years of operation the end of economic life.
The engineering company Dr. Born – Dr. Ermel was commissioned for the renovation of the CHP-module including peripherals such as the gas control systems, exhaust system, switchgear etc. of the sewage treatment plant.
Initially a study was done to determine the efficiency of measures to be taken and to select the resulting preferred variant.
As a result, the existing modules of the identical capacity will be substituted by more cost-efficient modules of different capacity.
The electricity generated by the CHP plant is fed as low-voltage power into the network of the sewage treatment plant. The waste heat is used to heat the digesters and the operating buildings. The commissioning of the plant was at end of 2013, site maintenance will end 2018.