Development and civil engineering measures -
Contaminated site SAD Münchehagen


  • Sealing wall: l = 1,250 m
  • Surface sealing: A = 94,000 m²
  • Driveways, operational area: A = 15,000 m²
  • Drink water and industrial water grid
  • Capture, storage and discharge of rainwater
  • Car wash facility with water suppy and disposal
  • Energy distribution, transformer plant and Lighting system

Scope of Work:

  • Pre-design, design and detailed planning
  • Tender procedure and procurement
  • Construction site mnagement, On-site construction site management


The former hazardous waste landfill Münchehagen had to be secured by the construction of a sealing wall and a surface seal.
Construction measures like extensive construction work for the development of an area of approximately 36 ha were requied in advance. New infrastructure was realized at the entrance area to the landfill, which was required for a back-up procedure.
This included the construction of roads, factory and storage space, full fencing of the site and the construction of technical systems for rainwater capture and management. For the construction of the 30 m deep sealing wall (d= 0,80 m), extensive work was carried out in rock. The sealing wall was built in the 2-phase method using high-resistance sealing wall components. For the construction of the sealing surface, a floor of 150,000 m³ was constructed. With the completion of all construction work, the restoration and landscaping of all outdoor facilities was carried out.