Extension of Airport Frankfurt Rhine/Main
Qualified Drainage of new runway Northwest


Free-flow pipelines (three catchment areas)

  • DN 300 - 1000: 22,000 m
  • > DN 1000: 1,200 m

Scope of Work:

  • Basic design
  • Construction planning
  • Preparation of tender procedure
  • Assistance of tender procedure
  • Construction management
  • On-site supervision


The Fraport AG has extended the airport Frankfurt Rhine/Main acc. to the forecasted demand in the year 2020.
In focus has been the new construction of the runway Northwest. Beside the runway new taxiways for connection to the already existing infrastructure needed to be realized. In addition two bridges crossing a motorway as well as a highspeed railway track has been built. The rain water from the runway as well as of all taxiways is captured by slot channels ans subsequently forwarded through the new sewer system to the rainwater retention basins. From there the water will be forwarded to either infiltration, to the river Main or to the sewage treatment plant according to the degree of pollution
During planning stage detailed site plans, cross sections and constructions plans for the free-fall pipe grid has been developped. During planning process the co-ordination of all routings (electricity, aviation fuel, drinking and process water, cable duct work, navigation lights and communication) has been of special interest.