Expansion Airport Frankfurt am Main
Storage sewer


Storage sewer

  • DN 1000 - 1300: 650 m
  • DN 2500: 2 x 30 m
  • 2 outflow structures with pumps
  • 1 temporary pumping station
  • 1 regulating station

Scope of Work:

  • Design planning
  • Detailed planning
  • Preparation of the procurement
  • Contribution to the procurement
  • Construction site management
  • On-site construction site management


The Fraport AG let expand the Airport Frankfurt am Main according to the projected demands for 2020. The main focus is the construction of the new north-west runway. In addition to the runway, several taxiways were required for the connection with existing infrastructure. Therefore, two taxiway bridges were planned accros a highway and a ICE line.
Beside the motorway, the taxiway bridges East also cross a county road and a service road. In this area, two storage sewers DN 2500, including pumping stations, are placed between the bridge sections, because only small diameter pressure lines can be installed across the bridges.
A temporary connection to the existing drainage was required for the prematurely production of the deicing pad. The limited capacity of the existing drains made the planning and implementation of storage sewer necessary (DN 1000 – 1300). Due to the use of aircraft deicing fluids, a connection to the waste water sewer (via a throttle) as well as a rainwater sewer (via a pumping station) was planned.