Waste-to-Energy Plant Frankfurt-Nordweststadt


  • Incineration capacity: 4 x 20 t/h
  • Flue gas volume: ca. 4 x 110,000 Nm³tr/h
  • Thermal power output: 4 x 57 MW
  • Self-sufficient power supply
  • External vapor recovery
  • SNCR, reactor, fabric filter

Scope of Work:

Renovation of the entire plant:

  • Inventory
  • Feasibility study, cost efficiency proof
  • Basic-Engineering
  • Tender procedures
  • Approval planning
  • Checking of implementation planning
  • Object monitoring / construction site management


Due to the high age of the waste-to-energy plant (WTE) of Nordweststadt, a renovation of the entire plant will be inevitable.
The necessary planning tasks for the implementation of the project was commissioned to Dr. Born – Dr. Ermel completely. As being the operator of the plant, the FES (Waste Management and City Cleaning Frankfurt) emphasizes the shortest possible reconnection and downtime of the system. The adjustments to the boiler installation, according to the 17th BImSchV (Federal Emission Regulations),  set high standards for the required configuration of the buildings, which leads to further tightening at current narrow site situation. The comparatively high steam parameters of external energy utilization lead to high quality construction and finishing of the steam boiler.
Due to the fluctuating incineration materials with relevant high calorific values, the use of water-cooled grid systems is provided.