Mainova AG, Frankfurt am Main
Planning of backfitting of heating plant Nordweststadt


For turbine 7 (new device):

  • Turbine type: Condensing turbine
  • Maximum possible steam flow: 184.5 t/h
  • Steam parameter: 40 bar(a)/ 500 °C
  • Electr. power: 46 MWel
  • Uncoupling of district heating: 99 MWth (max.)

Scope of Work:

  • Basic evaluation / study
  • Preliminary design
  • Detailed design
  • Tender procedure and awardof contract main components
  • Approval planning
  • Technical support of project


The actual basic price at electricity market as well as the additional allowance acc. to the CHP legal regulation forced considerations on side of the Mainova AG about optimized use of the existing energy potential.
Aim oft he above mentioned services was to compile a technically and economically optimized plant concept both for the heating plant as well as for the adjacent energy-from-waste plant to make use of synergy effects.
As a result of the extended optimization the recovery of fresh steam produced by the energy-from-waste facility AVA in an extraction condensing turbine with air condenser on-site of the heating plant was realized.