Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Plant (MBT)
South Lower Saxony


  • Amount of waste: 133,000 tpa
  • Delivery with belt feeder unit
  • Mechanical treatment
  • Production of high calorific fraction
  • Biological treatment by anaerobic  digestion and/or composting
  • Flue gas cleaning by Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO)
  • Treatment of process water

Scope of Work:

  • Detailed design and approval planning
  • Construction planning
  • Tender procedures and procurement
  • Supervision


At the central landfill in Deiderode, the Waste Association Southern Lower Saxony built a mechanical-biological residual waste treatment plant. The aim of the project is the material-flow-specific treatment of municipal and industrial waste. During the mechanical stage, the deposition of contaminants and the separation of recyclable materials continues (ferrous and non-ferrous metals). In addition to this, a fuel fraction is generated which supplies a high-quality recycling of energy.

The biological active organic fraction is processed in a wet digestion plant. The follow-up treatment of the fermentation substrate takes place in a wet oxidation stage followed by dewatering and drying of the substrate. The biogas formed during the fermentation process, will be used as energy supply. The exhaust air flows are completely captured and thermally treated in an RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidation).

Residual process waste water will be fed to the on-site leachate treatment facility.