Waste-to Energy Plant Ruhleben

Characteristics (Line A)::

Firing System/Boiler

  • Incineration capacity: 36 t/h
  • Thermal firing capacity: 90 MW
  • Steam parameters: 460 °C/68 b
  • Steam mass flow: 105 t/h

Flue gas cleaning

  • Spray absorber, reactor, fabric filter, SCR-device

Scope of Work:

New construction incineration line A (replacement investment)

  • Technical project coordination and quality management
  • Assessment of condition of SCR-facility
  • Basic evaluation and concept study for steam utilization on-site of the energy-from-waste plant


The Engineering Office Dr. Born – Dr. Ermel GmbH has been appointed to provide services for support of the client (Berliner Stadtreinigung) in his role as the employer of the project incl. quality management during realization of the plant, especially of the new incineration line A. A period between 2008 and 2012 has been anticipated as execution time for the project.
Parallel to the realization of incineration line A the Engineering Office Dr. Born – Dr. Ermel GmbH has provided an assessment of condition of the SCR facility with focus of the continued operation in connection with line A. In addition the possibility of utilization of steam for partial coverage of the electrical power demand on-site of the waste-to-energy plant Ruhleben has been discussed comparatively both from a technical and economical point of view.