Biogas plant Brunswick-Hillerse – block heat and power plant


  • Gas engine Pro2-LM 616B12
  • Block heat and power plant Deutz TCG 2016B V12
  • Fuel: Biogas
  • Electrical power: 537 kW
  • Thermal power: 452 kW
  • Location inside operational building
  • Waste heat for process heat supply and building heating
  • Power input (electr.) to public grid

Scope of Work:

  • Basic evaluation
  • Preliminary design
  • Detailed design
  • Approval planning acc. to BImSchG
  • Construction planning
  • Tender procedure and award of contract
  • Supervision
  • Support of commissioning


The biogas plant „Pumpwerk III“ at Brunswick feeds approx. 1,000 m³ biogas per hour to the 20 km biogas grid of the

Braunschweiger Versorgungs-AG, where it is converted to electricity in two gas engines with 1 MWel. each.
For heat supply of the fermentation tanks an additional 500 kWel block heat and power plant will be installed. This will also supply heat to an adjacent machinery/vehicle hall. The generated electrical energy will be fed into the public grid of the local energy supply company acc. to EEG.