Waste management concept Dubai (United Arab Emirates)


  • Treatment of commercial and construction waste and waste of households
  • Observation period: 25 year
  • Approx. 18 project sites for logitics and treatment

Scope of Work:

  • Development of concepts for the treatment of waste streams
  • Recommendation of the treatment technique
  • Preliminary planning
  • Site selection
  • Description of operator models


At the moment Dubai is going through a phase of tremendous economic growth related to a rapid growth of the population. A consequence of this is a sharp increase of the amount of waste. Nakeel is Dubai’s largest property developer and attracts global attention with eyecatching projects like Waterfront, Jebel Ali- Palme, Deira- Palme and the World. Now Nakheel undergoes a transition from being a developer towards a provider of municipal services for its projects.
In this study, opportunities for sustainable resources and waste management should be elicited to establish waste-to-energy technology in Dubai. Key aspects of this study are:

  • Form of waste separation and collection
  • Alternatives of adequate waste treatment for different waste streams
  • Analysis of barriers and pitfalls
  • Representation of operator models for the client
  • pre-planning of the implementation phase (incl. site selection and time planning)