Traffic roundabout at the L8 in Esens


  • Roadway of the roundabout with bituminous construction (Construction Class II)
  • Inner ring of the roundabout of prefabricated concrete elements

Scope of Work:

  • Traffic count
  • Defects analysis of the crossroad „Bahnhofstraße” (L 8) „An der Eisenbahn“
  • Pre-design, design, permission and detailed planning
  • Preparation of and contribution to the procurement, (on-site) construction site management
  • Surveying, setting axis
  • Dimensioning and verification of the roundabout
  • Basic evaluation


The aim of the project was the reorganization and discharge of a heavily loaded traffic node. Because of the roundabout the amount of waiting road users turning left will be decreased, thus, the traffic flows of the nodal point are more equalized.
Streets leading to the traffic node are merged outside of the roundabout so that the roundabout has only four junctions. The driveways and exits were designed with dynamic driving drag curves suitable for trucks and bendy-busses.
The construction of the roundabout within the existing infrastructure with the maintenance of traffic flows (bypassing the construction site).
Coordination of the construction process with providers for the renewal of utility lines during the construction project.