Sewage treatment plant Buchenhofen – CHP Unit


  • Sewage gas volume: 4.5 Mio. m³/a
  • Gas-powered engine - CHP (new)
    Electrical output: 4 x 600 kW
    Thermal output: 4 x 608 kW
  • Power generation for own consumption
  • Waste heat for process heat supply and building heating

Scope of Work:

  • Economic analysis
  • Basic evaluation
  • Pre-planning
  • Design planning
  • Detailed planning
  • Tender procedure and awarding of contract
  • Support of construction site management


The existing combined heat and power unit (CHP) of the sewage treatment plant at Buchenhofen in Wuppertal is a
4-module system, dating from 1998, which has reached the end of scheduled life time.
The engineering company Dr. Born – Dr. Ermel was commissioned for the planning of the renewal of gas-powered engines of the CHP unit, including CHP peripherals such as the exhaust system, the switchgear system as well as the integration of a gas cleaning facility into the gasgrid of the sewage treatment plant of Buchenhofen. Preliminary an economic analysis study has been processed, to determine and select the preferred option.
The electricity generated by the CHP plant will be fed as medium-voltage into the network of the sewage treatment plant. The waste heat will be used to heat the digesters and the operating buildings. The renewal will be done during ongoing operation. The commissioning of the first module was in 2013.