InBev Brewery Beck & Co. – Implementation of a consistent process control system for energy supply


  • Switch room power station machine house 2 with redundant pair of servers (industrial standard)
  • 6 Clients to BuB
  • 6 large fromat screens for plant/process visualization
  • Integration of 28 existing PLC
  • 6500 binary and analogue I/O
  • 100 process diagrams

Scope of Work:

  • Compilation of concept as basic information for decision making process
  • Construction planning
  • Elaboration of tender documents, evaluation of bids, contract award
  • Supervision


For operation and monitoring/control of energy supply (electricity, steam, heat, cold, pressurized air and CO2) the existing system have been replaced by process control system Win CC. The existing Sicam-PAS-system for monitoring of 10 kV switch gears has been transfered together with the Win CC system to multiclients.
By more than 28  programmable logic controllers (Siemens Simatic S7 300/400 and S5 95/115/135 U) data of 8 nos. Of switch gears (10 kV), 3 turbines (1.5 - 3 MW), 4 boilers, compressor stations for 3/6 and 9 bar pressurized air supply as well as multiple CO2 devices and diverse auxiliary facilities has been processed. The re-connection has taken place during ongoing operation. Data compilation took place via Ethernet TCP/IP which has been separated into network areas of process control, automation and telecontrol.