Expansion Airport Frankfurt am Main
Drainage of three Deicing Pads


  • Area DP West 1: 15,000 m²
  • Area DP West 2: 18,000 m²
  • Area DP East: 12,000 m²
  • Free-flow pipes DN 300 – DN 1300: 2,100 m
  • Connection pipes: 700 m

Scope of Work:

  • Design planning
  • Detailed planning
  • Preparation of the procurement
  • Contribution to the procurement
  • On-site construction site management
  • Construction site management


The Fraport AG let expand the Airport Frankfurt am Main according to the projected demands for 2020. The required measures include the establishment of three deicing pads. These areas have been newly constructed, bordering runways which are in operation, so that several deconstruction measures were required in advance (e.g. driveways, traffic ways, transformer station, approach lighting system).
Due to flight operational necessity several limitations had to be considered during the construction phase (height limitations of equipment, partially night shifts). The drainage was planned via slotted drains and free-flow pipelines to rainwater retention tanks.
As part of the planning, detailed planning maps, longitudional sections and construction plans were development for the rainwater sewer system. Particularly important was the coordination of the entire route planning (power supply, drinking water and industrial water, cable conduits for power, lighting and communication).