Five waste water treatment plants for InBev-Breweries in Russia


  • Production capacity: 9.56 Mhl/a
  • Total waste water volume: 16,707 m³/d
  • COD load: 45,858 kg/d
  • Total BOD: 33,548 kg/d

Scope of Work:

  • Basic evaluation and design planning
  • Conducting of tender procedure
  • Recommendation for awarding of contract
  • Project management and construction site supervision


Due to changes in the waste water discharge requirements and increased fees for discharging the waste water into the public sewer system, the InBev decided to build fully biological waste water treatment plants for 5 breweries in Russia.
After conducting the basic evaluation, an aerobic and anaerobic-aerobic process choice with an upstream coarse particle removal was planned and tendered functionally. From a network of international bidders, technical economic negotiations have been conducted and recommendations for awarding of contract have been forwarded to the client.
During the subsequent implementation phase, as part of the project management and on-site construction site supervision, the construction work was monitored within the specified deadline and budget.